Anyone heard the Odyssey monos vs Plinius amps?

I own an SA-250 MK IV, but have been hearing such great things about these Odyssey mono blocks. I'd love to switch to monos, but I favor the warmth, bottom end authority, and the dimensional characteristics of the Plinius, especially the depth of the soundstage. Will I sacrifice these qualities by moving to the Stratos monos? Will they even hold a candle to the Plinius or am I just dreaming?
Thanks in advance.
Interesting question. I own the Stratos Mono's. I haven't heard the Plinius amps. I tried to find some in my area and was unsuccessful. The two bits of advice I can give you are: 1: The Stratos mono's definitely improve on the Stratos Stereo amp in all areas. 2: Make sure you hear a pair broken in. They do not sound the same new as they do broken in. The morph from new to broken in is monumental. I would compare them to a more open sounding Classe amp or a Moon. I tried the B&K, the PS Audio, Alchemist and Aragon. It handily beat all but the PS HCA and it had a more see through clarity than the HCA. It could also drive loads that the HCA couldn't. I speaking of Electrostatics. It made the Electrostatics that I have sound like it was a full range speaker; with lesser amps they lack bass. The amp is an especially good mate with tube pre's and Electrocampaniet.
......and regret it for the rest of your life! The Stratos monos, if bought through a dealer, will cost 3X as your Plinius! As far as performance comparison between them, that's up to you to find out. In my opinion, the Stratos are untouchables! I have a Threshold Stasis 500 amp designed by Nelson Pass himself, it does not not get close to the performance of the Stratos, go figure!
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