anyone heard the oskar syrinx?

I went to the local hifi store the other day and listened to an assortment of speakers, all but one satisfied my tastes. I listened to gershman camelions and a few pairs of Dali speakers. Then I saw a unique pair of speakers by Oskar Heil called Syrinx. I fell in love with the smooth clarity and depth of soundstage. Only problem was when the dealer turned the dial to two o'clock, something rarely do, the speaker broke up when the dynamics hit a high with timpanis and such. He told me any speaker would do that under extreme loads. I somewhat agree, but on the same passage, my speakers do not break up like that. Keep in mind I was auditioning the speakers with the exact setup I have at home which is Jolida 1501 amp and Jolida JD100 Cd player.
Other than the break up, these Oskars are the best sounding speaker I have heard at that price. Any thoughts?
I love the sound of those speakers, the highs from the Heil tweeter are the most relaxing I have ever heard bar none. I have not listened to them a lot, unfortunately, so I cannot confirm whether the breakup problem is consistent over all units... but they are smallish speakers with a smallish woofer in a reflex cabinet and you may just have heard the design limitation. Oskar does make two larger models and the next one up may be the one you need.
I too considered the Syrinx. IMO Incredible speakers. By FAR the best I auditioned keeping in mind the dealers rarely "crank it". If you think they won't play loud without strain you are probably right. They were just not designed for that. I listen very loud at times so I went with the Tyler PD80's (on order). If I decide on a second pair for lower volume listening the Syrinx would, without question, be one of my top choices.

Good luck !!!
they are very cool speakers indeed, but still are plagued with the same inherant flaws that the ess speakers have always had at moderate to loud volume. For the money you can buy a loudspeaker that plays uniformly at all volume levels.