Anyone heard these? How do they sound?

Linn Ninka floorstanders
Has anyone ever heard these speakers?
How do they sound?
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Nice speakers, especially for the price they are available for on the used market. I find them quite attractive as well. There are many other options in this price range to audition, however.

The Ninkas really come into their own if you spend the money to make them active. I heard them the other day active with a Linn Chakra 6100 amp, and they sounded better than any speaker this price has a right to. Passive, the are good, but nothing like they are active.
I used to sell them. We nicknamed them the Stinka if that gives you any idea...
I owned them several years ago and I listened to alot of speakers in their price range before deciding on them. The final list was the Ninkas, PMC FB-1, and JMLabs Cobalt(can't remember which). Tough choice but considering price aesthetics and above all sound, the Ninkas won. They were very clean, and neutral sounding (as I remember) and the fact that they aren't ported means they have less of a problem with close-wall placement. I eventually added a second linn amp and made them active and it was like having a new speaker. It really opened them up. I don't know if the earlier comments about a "wee bit lean in the bass/mid-bass" was with them active or not but this was the most noticeable area of change after going active. If this is your budget they really are good sounding, well balanced speakers with great build quality and finish.
Timrhu - Your brain has an automatic impact if you voice an opinion about a speaker's sound. How else do you know what you think is sound? Why is there more than one brand of speakers in the world? Because everyone's opinion is different, because their childhood and life experiences impact their impressions, and so we all interpret things differently.

The lastest issue of Stereophile has a great opening editorial by John Atkinson that pertains to my comments very nicely. Check it out.

However, I agree that there can be an "average" consensus about a speaker's type of sound but the subjective reply can't be much more than dynamic/lean vs. smooth/full.
Aball, what would this forum be without opinions on how equipment sounds? I've seen three paragraph descriptions on the sound of an aftermarket power cord here.
BTW I read the editorial this morning while on the toilet.