Anyone here compare the Leben CS300 to the CS600?

Hello everyone,

I am in the market for a tube integrated amp. I like bass and I like tubes; not always a great combination. I have read the reviews and the posts about Leben integrated units. I have experience with the EL84 tube but the power is a bit shy. I was wondering if anyone here has heard both the CS300 and the CS600 and what their thoughts were. Also which one they would ultimately buy if they did or would.

both are incredibly beautiful, but sound just ok. newer models from everyone from rogue to even japan's mactone are more tube magic for the dollar.
Heard both and the most generous thing I can say is that they were both mediocre. I would try to get a used VAC Avatar or Avatar Super. Best tube integrated that I've heard under $20K.

Good Luck
I have both the Leben CS600 and the Mactone 300b. I have not heard the CS300. As in all things, they rely on matching with high quality, wide band, synergistic speakers, wiring, tubes & good sources to maximize what they can do. I presently am running my CS600 with the new Red Lion KT88's which added their particular flavor. You may be able to contact Jeff Day through who at one time had both Lebens in his arsenal. That synergy thing is great when it shows up at lower price points but must still be tried in your present system & room...which are as unique as your own ears and personal tastes.