Anyone here prefer songs without lyrics??

I do and there's been a lack of it so I started making it myself!
Funny topic. I really thought I was alone on this topic. Certainly there are times where lyrics make the song. But a lot of times I just want to get lost in a jam session. It can be prog,jazz,rock,blues,even electronica. Also,thanks grey9hound for those recommendations.
"To avoid the ego loop echoing endlessly in the mind, one has to avoid lyrics in music.

to learn the new, to embrace the new, to be renewed in the self...the cup must be emptied from it's full condition, so the new can get in. "

True Grasshopper, but the cup must be emptied, not just from it's full condition but to utmost emptiness. No words, no voices, no instruments, no sounds.

My system excels at this. But it has to be turned off at the breaker.

     Get the rhythm, get the rhythm.
     There you go, there you friggin go!

Perpetual Grace,