anyone here tried Parasound "New" JC-5 amp

Just checking in to see others user impressions, is it the same as mines.

I running JC-2BP + JC-5 on SF Elipsa SE.

I find it has a lot of control on the lower send.  Low level listening is wonderful.
I just don't find the top end to sparkle or open up.   though it is very neutral sounding.  
I have about 175 hours on both JC's units.    maybe need break-in time?

The JC-5 is essentially 2 JC-1's in a single box. The JC-1 Mono's have been discontinued. You can bridge 2 JC-5's as mono blocks and get 1000 wpc.
They are not JC1s at all. John Curl has redesigned the amplifier and those that I trust who have heard the JC1 and JC5 have much preferred the latter amp. As far as I’m concerned I view the 5 as an upgrade to the 1. 

I am am sure they share similarities but it is a revised circuit. 
I heard the JC5 at RMAF last year.  I also have owned JC1s and A21 amps.  They are all relatively similar, though the bigger amps with bigger power supply will have more solid sound.  I have also read that JC1 amps require an enormous amount of hours to burn in (some say 400+, some say 1200 hours!)

That being said, the Parasound amps are very refined and excellent sounding amps, but they are voiced slightly on the warm side and the highs are very slightly rolled off and softened. So, yeah, I agree that the top end lacks that sparkle and resolution.  My JC1s definitely had over 1000 hours.
Hi auxinput, it sounds like you have had a number of amps.  Which amps in your opinion have it all, good bass, mids and treble (resolution)?  Thanks