Anyone here using vintage speakers?

I am mostly a lurker and reader here and see very little conversation about vintage speakers (pre 1985). I have owned Altec 604's for about a year now and love the hell out of them. Just wondered if there are other vintage users in this crowd?
28 year old Tannoy Classic Monitor's .....wife loves them as well. Have tried various newer speakers but the Tannoy's are IPO the most musical pair of speakers for my taste of music.
Wow, lots of responses. I don't often see anyone talking about vintage speakers on here, so I didn't figure there would be many responses to my question. Glad to see that I am not alone in my appreciation for vintage audio. Cool beans!!
Fraziers and Vita vox speakers and of course BOZAKS -ALL AMAZING! - if you can find them . Some Sansui sp200,sp2000,sp2500 - cheap and really nice if you like that type of sonic signature!
I still use a pair of Rectilinear III floor standing full range speakers in a secondary system. I bought them in the early 70s and they still sound good after all these years.