Anyone here using vintage speakers?

I am mostly a lurker and reader here and see very little conversation about vintage speakers (pre 1985). I have owned Altec 604's for about a year now and love the hell out of them. Just wondered if there are other vintage users in this crowd?
1972 Khorns
Rebuilt crossovers, new wiring, etc.
When it's time to rock.nothing better!
I use a pair of Wharfedale W25's in a bedroom system. It's a sealed two-way bookshelf design with an eight inch woofer. Very musical with a 15 watt EL84 amp.

My favorite speakers I have are Dunlavy SCIV's in my main listening room which I consider to be classics if not quite vintage yet.
I have a single EV Georgian in Mahogany that I am going to build a mono system. I have hooked it up for some extended listening with one of my MC40 amps and love it. If a person is looking for audio on a lowish budget, I think vintage has a lot to offer.
AR-LSTs. I've had the crossovers recapped/upgraded, but all drivers are original. These speakers produce the best soundstage that I've ever heard.