Anyone know of a nice closed-shelf cd cabinet?

For months (ok, years...) I have been looking for a nice cabinet that closes (for both waf and in order to keep small fingers out!). The Boltz products are sturdy and would do a fine job, but are open shelves...can-am makes nice metal drawer units...and I have seen a couple wood drawer units as well (although they do not look as surdy as can-am). I had been favoring can-am, but due to space considerations, I would have to put the unit on another floor of the house. Anyone know of a closing shelf unit that is less than 13 inches deep? I need capacity of >400 (600 or so preferred). Thanks.
I second the post for Sorice. True hardwood construction with a furniture grade finish. I own a 300 series cabinet; which currently holds 250+ CDs and a number of video tapes.
Cabinets can be purchased with doors that lock - keeping tiny hands out. Also, at a later date as your CD collection grows, additional cabinets can be bought to stack or place side by side with your existing cabinet.
Available in a wide variety of woods and finishes. Truly way beyond Boltz and other similar products in appearance and options. I beleive their website is
Thanks for the sorice suggestions! I should have posed this question at audiogon long ago. I noted that one can mix and match bookshelf and cd units -I had just about decided to have a cabinet builder make a similar set up for me, but you never really know what a special order will look like until it is sitting in your house unreturnable.
You might check out (racks and particularly Leslie Dame Enterprises. They have quite a bit to choose from. Goodluck, Pat