Anyone Know the Band Playing on T-Mobile Commercial?

Singer kind of sounds like Rod Stewart. Got a really nice guitar riff.

I just can't place and driving me nuts. Thanks


Thanks for the response but I can't make heads-or-tails out of this website.

Use Shazam on your phone to tell you. I’ve found a bunch of new music from TV show and movie soundtracks.

Thanks, but I don't use my phone for this kind of activity, only computer.

I wouldn't go through this hassle but it's a cool song and, by now, I'm sort of obsessed.

Which T-mobile commercial? They're on every 10 minutes it seems during sports.

The one where the singer sounds like Rod Stewart (soulful, raspy voice). The song is a simple progression, like climbing a ladder, then at the top tumbles back down. That's all I've got. Thanks