Anyone listen to entire albums?

I assume the answer is yes since many of you run vinyl rigs, but just wondering how many around here listen to entire albums at a sitting?  In the age of instant gratification and playlists I seem to be, recently, gravitating to listening through entire albums.  I don’t have vinyl and only stream or play from a network drive so it’s easy for me to bounce around from song to song, artist to artist.  Maybe it’s a nostalgia thing but I enjoy hearing a record in it’s entirely the way the artist recorded it.  I’ve flirted with the idea of vinyl for the very reason that it seems to be a format that lends itself to listening through an entire album in one sitting.  I seem to be less inclined to make that move though now that I’ve been doing the album thing via streaming. 


I use digital exclusively, but I do listen to the entire album unless there is one song that I really dislike. Speaking of things that I dislike, I really dislike remastered albums that have additional tracks, because they break up the order that I have become accustomed to over many years.

Yes, I listen to the whole album and if it is a 3 or 4 sided album, I start with side one and play thru. Sometime I get thrown off when I encounter an older album where the sides were set up for stackable changers. Enjoy the music

I do both. I have thousands of songs on my diverse playlists. It’s like listening to the radio (well…. Better SQ) except every song is one I like (since I put it there). But I do enjoy listening to my favorite albums from start to finish.