Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?

I’m not referring to streaming, I mean an actual FM turner. I haven’t had a turner for at least 15, probably more like 20 years. I had a high-end one that went bad years ago and even then I hadn’t really used it in years. Just wondering if anyone still uses one and why?

Added info: back in my college days there were lots of reasons, some great DJ’s in the New York City area and sometimes a live concert broadcasts that were great, but those times are long gone, as is most of my hair and my 32 inch waistline.....I’m not trying to judge anyone for still listening to music on a FM tuner, just asking for the reason to do so.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season.


Every day!


My Magnum Dynalab Etude gets a lot of use. 

Amazing sounding tuner. Had it since new. 


Oh yes indeed. Maybe not daily but quite often. A tuner from the XDR guy does the job quite nicely. 

Not in a long time, but back in the 70’s and 80’s we were fortunate to have WMMS FM 100.7 in Cleveland, a widely known rock station.

@jasonbourne71 - how do you turn it of if you are asleep? :))

On topic, my Revox B760 tuner died a couple of years ago so now I am using my Meridian 204. That's in my kitchen system. I also listen to a Meridian 101 with a pair of active M2s when working in my garage. I never listened to FM radio on my main system. There isn't the variety in FM radio on this side of the pond that there is in the USA.

I’m one of those that listen to HD radio in my office set up. Found an older Sony HD tuner that is what got me into paying attention to the rest of my stereo environment.

Lucky to have a number of HD stations in the Philadelphia area that are good for classical and contemporary singer songwriter. Big thumbs up to WXPN out of University of Pennsylvania for great programming. They are syndicated across a number of stations throughout the US.

HD beats regular FM and streaming by a large margin. Too bad that it has not become more of a standard with more choices of tuners for the home.