Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?

I’m not referring to streaming, I mean an actual FM turner. I haven’t had a turner for at least 15, probably more like 20 years. I had a high-end one that went bad years ago and even then I hadn’t really used it in years. Just wondering if anyone still uses one and why?

Added info: back in my college days there were lots of reasons, some great DJ’s in the New York City area and sometimes a live concert broadcasts that were great, but those times are long gone, as is most of my hair and my 32 inch waistline.....I’m not trying to judge anyone for still listening to music on a FM tuner, just asking for the reason to do so.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season.


If anyone has a spare REL they can't get rid of, and it's going in the dumpster, please message me

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I should have mentioned in my earlier post that I use the Magnum Dynalab ST2 antennas (one for each tuner) with my Mac tuners.  None of the so called powered antennas (think Terk) did anything but amplify a lot of noise.  With the Magnum antennas, everything is crystal clear. 

I love my handsome, fully refurbished, fully recapped Marantz 2285B.  
The fact that is has an FM tuner of relatively good quality is cool.  
Using that spinning wheel with the embossed(?) rubber for dexterity, seeing the glowing tuner display and watching that dial move around…a distinct charm.  
I never use it. It is now just an unused feature that says, “hey, I’m a cool feature you may enjoy at intervals very few and far between.”
I live in a small town with few stations available.  
When I lived in a much bigger town with a cool college radio station, I listened to FM quite a bit. Good shows, either of non-music or musical origin.  
There’s something satisfying about firing up the audio system and listening to terrestrial radio, but these days I never do it.

This past year I started listening to FM while I work. I have a Sansui TU-7700 that I bought new 45+ years ago. It been in storage for 30+ years. Hooked it up, and it still worked like it did when new. Use a Magnum Dynalab Ribbon Antenna.
I've been thinking of getting another tuner, mainly because I had the same one for so long.
Maybe something like a McIntosh MR 67 or some other tube tuner.