Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?

I’m not referring to streaming, I mean an actual FM turner. I haven’t had a turner for at least 15, probably more like 20 years. I had a high-end one that went bad years ago and even then I hadn’t really used it in years. Just wondering if anyone still uses one and why?

Added info: back in my college days there were lots of reasons, some great DJ’s in the New York City area and sometimes a live concert broadcasts that were great, but those times are long gone, as is most of my hair and my 32 inch waistline.....I’m not trying to judge anyone for still listening to music on a FM tuner, just asking for the reason to do so.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season.


I have a Sony STJ75 That rarely gets used; Commercialized broadcast FM radio no longer cares about the listener's tastes.  I grew up in Saint Louis and as a child of Rock n Roll, KSHE95 was a pioneer of AOR since 1967 . They still survive but are a shell of themselves, playing a narrow band of music that doesn't play the original artist's original efforts but what fits in a 60 minute format.  And the audio is atrocious.  And the COMMERCIALS.  Streaming is SO much better to finding music to your taste.  And the audio is better. And BTW -- for AOR fans out there -- try for a station that relies on user's subscription and plays music how the artists intended.  And it's better than decent audio.


I have 4 vintage tuners and a Krell receiver that I use at our mountain cabin. No wifi, no phone, no tv...just WNCW on 24/7 while there. Books, Scotch, Pipes, and dogs. Glorious.

For me, it was listening to the Grateful Dead Hour on our local FM station every Sunday Night from 11-12pm. I think that is where I started to appreciate the wonderful world of music. I remember listening to Sugaree while lying in bed and realizing that music just took me places that no other vehicle could. I think that is one of the reasons why I still turn my tuner on. 

Haven't had a tuner in a while, but my Marantz HT receiver has FM built in. I'm in NYC and we listen to WBGO (jazz) and WQXR (classical). Also 1010WINS when we wake up for news and weather. We stream but sometimes it's just easier to use FM as background music. If a nightstand radio counts, we have a Nakamichi AM/FM radio that wakes us gently. 

I can only get a highly unreliable dsl service in my current location. Streaming has not been possible. Also, the topography between my house and my preferred stations is full of hills up to 1500'. I have tried as many highly thought of tuners as I could find locally. Sansui's, Mac's, Kenwoods, Magnum dynalabs,... Sensitivity of every one was insufficient? Or something?  I finally settled on a cheap old Sony ST-J75. Hands down the best of the lot for dealing with my situation. I listen to the Jazz, Classical, and community radio stations in Portland, Oregon. It sounds quite good too and locks on stations. I never have to adjust the antenna. And I can get an excellent variety of music 24/7.