Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?

I’m not referring to streaming, I mean an actual FM turner. I haven’t had a turner for at least 15, probably more like 20 years. I had a high-end one that went bad years ago and even then I hadn’t really used it in years. Just wondering if anyone still uses one and why?

Added info: back in my college days there were lots of reasons, some great DJ’s in the New York City area and sometimes a live concert broadcasts that were great, but those times are long gone, as is most of my hair and my 32 inch waistline.....I’m not trying to judge anyone for still listening to music on a FM tuner, just asking for the reason to do so.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season.


When working from home I listen to KNKX on a Magnum Dynalab Ft-101a Etude tuner.  Sound quality is close to CD with my roof antenna, even though I'm about 40-50 miles from the tower.  Not all FM broadcasts are equal, but if there's a good one in your area you may be surprised at how good it can sound.

I listen every workday at least until 12PM. I am lucky that one of the worlds best stations is local to me, The amount of music discovery for me from this station is amazing.

My latest KRCW discovery are:

  • Island in the Storm - Mia Doi Todd
  • 38th & Chicago - Jose James

This is why I like radio still. Musical discovery, especially new releases like the 2 above.

My tuners

  • Magnum Dynalab MD108T (a great tuner)
  • Sansui TU9090 (pretty good)
  • Accuphase T-101 (modded to almost great level)

I listen to NPR and other talk radio on tabletop FM radios.

I have two Luxman tuners but rarely use them anymore, in part because the audio quality of several local FM music stations in my isolated area has gotten pretty poor.  I would use them more if the stations sounded better.  Most of them sound better using the Tune In streaming app, although one rock station sounds even worse on Tune In--unbelievably bad, in fact.

For those who don't know about Tune In, you can use it to listen to just about any
radio station that outputs an online signal, and store the ones you like as "Favorites."  It's free with commercials or $10/mo. for ad-free.

I have used a Denon TU-680 NAB for nearly 30 years year. Great sound; so sensitive and selective it' picks up stations after they've signed of (just kidding). I'm thankful to have a 24/7 local Classical station that uses no compression or processing whatsoever, WDPR 88.1. And,, a local school system has a share-time FM that through the day, programs Jazz with only modest processing. The Denon was designed to be an off-the-air monitor for radio stations, so it had to be of high quality. (In case you don't know, in the 90's, radio stations in the U.S. had to monitor their over-the-air signal in the studio so that whoever is on the air knew if the station was off the air. Not as much need now as digital monitors are even better.)

@Table jockey 

Wow, that REL is beautiful! The other Turners are super nice also. It does bring back memories of a Marantz Receiver I had in the 80's. Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I'll continue to live without a Tuner for now.