Anyone listen to the new SME Model 15 or 20 MK2?

Just wondering if anyone has listened to any of the new SME MK2 tables such as the model 15 or 20?


Haven’t heard one yet. It’s a whole new two-box power supply with a large toroidal transformer and a new, bigger AC motor. Impressive! in Germany did a comparison of the model 12a vs MkII and said the MK2 was a massive improvement. An English dealer posted on his blog that the 12MKII sounded better than his original 15.

Comparing the two psu designs which are used across the line, the MKII is FAR superior to the original. There is really no comparison between the two.

I believe Mike Rose, a real straight shooter IMO, @ Excel Audio has both MK2 versions on his floor in Newport Beach CA.