Anyone Made Any Really Good Copies From Vinyl To CD Or Files Using An A-To-D Converter?

I have a lot of vinyl that never made it to cd.  Has anyone here made any really good copies from vinyl to cd or to digital file?  If so, what A-to-D converter did you use?  Do you get really good sounding copies?

I'd love to make digital recordings of some of that vinyl....a lot of those albums have only one song on the LP that's worth listening to, and I'd rather not fire up the phono rig  and go to the whole ritual to listen to just one song.


Perhaps this may help. There are other discussions on subject as well


I started with the benchmark converter, but then moved to the Ayre converter, which made a nicer polity recording. The Ayre converter is really excellent.

Requires a really good A-D convertor.  I would strongly recommend one built for this purpose.  Should include a phono pre-amp.  

Look at the Burmester 100. I will do precisely what you are looking for.  Pricey... but they do come up used from time to time.  VERY GOOD.

Works very well.  The other limiting factor is the quality of your Table - Arm - Cartridge.  

Any good ADC needs a really good phono pre in my opinion.

I use Lynx HiLo ADAC and the outcome is extremely GOOD. Some cases the sound is better then matching commercially released CD.