Anyone making plinths? WTB

I'm looking for any woodworkers, to make a new plinth for my Thorens 165. Joe
You may want to ask Audiogon member "4yanx". He has built several custom plinths for various Lenco's and Thorens, with beautiful inlay work.

He made me some custom wood knobs for my TRL ST-225 integrated which are perfect ... exactly what I wanted.

Do a search for Audiogon member 4yanx

Shload, what are you looking for in a plinth?

Are you looking for an asthetic upgrade a performance upgrade or both?

I've done a few over the years, the latest one can be seen in my system gallery.
Here's another guy, Doug Olsen:

and an example of his work:

I haven't used him, but he was very professional in our correspondence.