Anyone own Linear Tube Audio Amps?

I am considering  buying an new LTA 40 Integrated amp. MSRP $7,650. 45 wpc.

I was considering the new ARC I-50 but now think this product may suit me better.


My speakers are Tannoy -94 Sensitivity and Fritz-87 Sensitivity. They both are fine

with my current Pass Labs INT25. 

The room is medium sized. I listen at quite low levels 60-70 db. Jazz & vocal mostly.

My thinking is that I will still get good detail but ad the warmth of tubes.

LTA gives a 14 day trial so I can a/b them with the Pass.


I checked the archives and nothing there of help.


Love to hear from any LTA fans.



GH- Agreed in resale Pass will fare much better than LTA. Perhaps even ARC.

I think I will drop the LTA idea and either be happy with what I have

or consider the I-50 again. If I have the tube hassle I want the tube

warmth too.

LTA is tonally richer, with better flow and dimensionality than Pass. The Pass is slightly warmer, but much less musical. I’ve owned the XA25 and X350.8; heard the X260.8 monos in another setting on my speakers.

I’ve also owned the Ref75SE which is a great amp (though not great reliability) - but I wouldn’t call it warm either although believe it would sound great on Tannoy. If you want warm, need tube amps like Primaluna or a great EL34 amp.

generally speaking you have warm speakers already. Don’t go too far.

Got a pair of GRFs. Had the pass, moved on to the LTA UL and pre separates and haven't looked back. A glorious sounding pairing. Tannoys work very well with these amps. More bloom than the pass, and will sound a bit heavier in the bass department (not as tight). Amazing flow and foot tapping ability. Very lively sound, hard to put on as background noise with these amps. Little less pin point then the pass or other solid state gear. 


Own CODA gear for solid state now. Enjoy it more than the Pass personally. Some of the FW stuff is glorious tho, really like the F7. SIT 3 not a great pairing with tannoy imo

Huge LTA fan here and former ARC owner. LTA are David Berning designs utilizing novel technology (ZOTL) and power supplies. Simply in a different league among tube amplification. For the Tannoy’s I’d go with the UL integrated—you don’t need the power of the 40 and the UL is specifically designed for high efficiency speakers. Great products, way more reliable than ARC and very responsive folks.

AD3 & Keith- That is a lot of good info, thank you!

From what I read the Coda has surpassed Pass in

several ways. Love to see a blind test of those two.


Okay re the LTA. Not going back to separates so the LTA INT options

are all I would consider. If budget allowed I would buy Berning gear.


I want great mid range vocals and musicality. To me musicality means an

engaging sound. You turn your head when a given passage sounds amazing.


So what to do?

I can sell the pass for what I paid last year. $5,500. The MSRP is now up to


The LTA Ultra 20 INT -my abbreviated name- is $6,250. This is the model Nico


Resale would probably be a big hit as LTA is a relatively unknown brand.


I am also in a decision making mode right now between the new Fritz Carrera

7BEs and the old Tannoys. My Tannoys had the crossovers totally redone

by Danny Ritchie last summer. They have wowed people.


Now I have enough hours on the Fritz to have a good feel for what they

are about. I have them on a 30 day trial.




-Better producers of a locked in center image and an overall wider soundstage.

-Better at movies/TV watching

-Hard to beat the midrange of these bigboys on female vocals



-Better at top end detail. a veil or two removed as compared to the

Tannoys yet not at all forward. SD Beryllium.

-The 7" Scanspeak Revelator mid woofer (version used by Wilson) is rated down to 40 hz -same as the Tannoys. Produces a cleaner, faster bass.

-It is a two way system with a series crossover so coherency is amazing.

I use a REL T5x Sub so the bass is still good.


I am leaning toward selling the big Tannoys and keeping the new Fritz

speakers. New sound with more detail for me and wife who is thrilled

to see the big boys go away.


I know I will regret selling them but I am a "One System" guy who

does not believe in having unused gear in a closet.


Does anyone else have something to add for my consideration??