Anyone own Linear Tube Audio Amps?

I am considering  buying an new LTA 40 Integrated amp. MSRP $7,650. 45 wpc.

I was considering the new ARC I-50 but now think this product may suit me better.


My speakers are Tannoy -94 Sensitivity and Fritz-87 Sensitivity. They both are fine

with my current Pass Labs INT25. 

The room is medium sized. I listen at quite low levels 60-70 db. Jazz & vocal mostly.

My thinking is that I will still get good detail but ad the warmth of tubes.

LTA gives a 14 day trial so I can a/b them with the Pass.


I checked the archives and nothing there of help.


Love to hear from any LTA fans.



I had the complete opposite experience. I bought a 6 month old LTA40 + integrated with NOS Mullards thinking this was my end game amp and that it would blow my Raven Blackhawk away. Owned it 2 weeks, didn’t like it at all and resold it for no loss. Nice to try but the problems were it lack that deep full warm resonate bass, sounded to SS/neutral lacking that tube full analog/warmth. I listen at lower volume (50-70 db) which was not this amp’s strength. When I turned the volume up is was better. Installing Gold Lion KT77’s improved the bass and clarity.  It just sounded veiled/muffled at lower volume.  I even compared it to my Home Theatre amp on another system and had the same result.  Don’t get me wrong this amp sounded incredible at higher volume. Realism, soundstage, quiet background, separation of instruments just amazing not in a tube amp way.  What I did learn was like that traditional tube sound and full detail at lower volume. Not the outcome I was expecting at all!

Some folks like old tube amp sound because of the transformer distortion. You will not find such distortion in ZOTL amps. I can say that I have a very early version of the ZOTL40 and have had it upgraded with the latest “plus” mods. Early on there was an issue matching to some speakers but the new mods have made it come alive and are so crazy good that I will put the LTA ZOTL40 up against anything out there.


Re: the OP, best of both worlds and Pass Labs….  Wondering if anyone is happy with the Microzotl preamp (or even the MZ3) into the Pass XA25?

Seems like that could be an outstanding combo depending on speakers and everything else of course 


@j_andrews - I’d also love to hear if anyone has experienced that pairing. It would also be great to hear other pairings forum members are using the LTA preamp. I’m using it with a Qualiton/Audio Hungary 100 watt tube amp. They are complementing one another nicely