Anyone own or heard of PrimaLuna?

Hi. First of all, I am not an audiophile but simply love music and like it certain way but not overly crazy. I started out with solid state Mcintosh for couple years. I recently listen to few tube amps like audio research, t+a, cary audio and prima luna. I can afford all those big expensive brands but I thought primaluna sounded as good if not better and it cost fraction of other big names.  Just curious if anyone has experience with it? What you like the most? What you feel need improvement? Any issue with customer service? How's the company? Is quality really that better as they claim against other competitors? Thank you for your feedback. 

I have PL,Dialogue Seven mono blocks,PL Dialogue Three preamp, PL ,Prologue Eight tube cd player. I absolutely love them, never had any problems with them.I owned for over 3 years now,Kevin Deal is very knowledgeable person to deal with.

I own Audio Mirror mono blocks and took a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP to audition at home last year. It was a demo unit with enough hours so did not need extra break-in time. It was not bad, but it could not compare to the Audio Mirror. Not even close. In my opinion, there are much better amps you can buy in that price range, but all owners love their Primaluna, so there must be something magical about it. 
Hi guys,  I will be on the market soon for a new amp and I keep looking at the Primaluna Amps, has anyone heard the Primaluna Dialogue Premium amp driving a pair of Harbeth's 30.1 speakers? these are 87d/b and I am not sure how this will work out?
Just look at these Stereophile measurements: it has a pretty bad load dependent frequency response. You might as well buy yourself an equalizer. Moreover, its output of little over 20 watts is not enough to drive the Harbeths. Just do yourself a favour and do what Harbeth’s designer Alan Shaw suggests and get a beefy solid state amplifier. Even very good ones will cost less and will sound far better.
If you look on this site you will see that there have also been quality issues (there just appears to be a pattern, but I am not sure if it is real).


I haven't looked at the Stereophile measurements and honestly don't need to. I have owned ARC amps, VTL and Ayre and neither have provided my Magnepan 20.7's 87db with the musical pleasures of my PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amps. To the point that I sold/ traded my ARC REF 5SE, DS450M's and ARC REF110 for the PrimaLuna preamp and amp. If you are ever in Seattle come to my house and take a listen and become a believer. And I would bet that if my PL can drive my 20.7's they can handle any Harbeth speaker.