Anyone own Silverline Prelude Plus speakers in the Seattle area?

I'm interested in the Silverline Prelude Plus speakers but there's no opporunity to hear them absent purchase. Does anyone in the greater Seattle area own them and willing to let me audition? 
$2k is Enzo/Impact Monitor level. Either one is a lot more speaker for the money. You can probably find someone with those in the Seattle area on the FB Tekton Owner's Group. I have Moabs in Redmond, if you want to get some idea what they can do.
Hi Peter. I have listened to and upgraded the Impact Monitor and it is a very good speaker. It really benefited from better crossover parts, but stock it is very good indeed.
The Silverline speakers are also very good as Alan knows how to make a speaker sing!
The Tekton speakers will have better impact, dynamics, larger stage size and improved presence. The Silverline speakers will image wonderfully and be a tad more refined sounding. By this I mean they provide nice focus and clean musical notes all around the edges if you will.
Evidently not a popular speaker, the Prelude Plus, although there is a fair amount of information about the Minuet, original Prelude and other Silverline products. One simply cannot compare the original Prelude with the Prelude Plus -- totally different design despite sharing a similar cabinet. I wonder anout the suitability of the Prelude Plus for large scale symphonic music in my modest sized room.