Anyone own the King Sound "King" speaker that can

give me some feedback. How do you like them? How do they compare to SoundLAB's newest PX series?

Do they have enough body and texture - "meat on the bones".
I am most interested in this speaker and look forward to your comments.

I have 300 watt monoblock amps so power is not an issue. My room is 24 x 18 and they will be 6-7 feet out from the wall behind them.
Hello All. I have owned the Kingsound Prince ll for about 6 months. I can't tell you how much enjoyment these speakers have added to my listening experience. I listen to many types of music, but mostly choral ensembles and a lot of ECM jazz and their "new music". Besides the gorgeous midrange and high end, I find the bass to be exceptional, especially for an esl. I am running all tube components. Aesthetix Calypso pre, VAC PA 90 amps, and a Consonance Droplet cdp. Sorry to say, no vinyl. It took me quite a while to get the sound just right, Including shifting my room around several times and re-tubing my amps. I have heard from my dealer and others that the new VAC power supplies bring these speakers and the Kings to another level. My dealer has ordered a pair of these and is willing to let me audition them in my system. I can hardly wait. I will be putting my Princes up for sale in the near future to move up to the Kings. I just hope my amps are up to the task of running the less efficient Kings. I'll keep you posted.
I have dectded to go with some Soundlab M3 PX.

They are coming from Soundlab with a complete check up.

Will wait on the King until they have more history in the USA. Just not enough current owners and history for me to dive in.
Well anyone out there that wants to hear the King or even the Princess II book shelf hybrid should contact me for a listen.

Anyone who decides to get a pair of Kings will be happy indeed as the cost is sure to go up with time.

Neal, what are some systems you have had set up with the King? Just curious to hear, and what your thoughts were about them. Which rig do you think most favors the King?
I haven't tried them with that much variety as yet.
I have heard them sound fabulous with a inexpensive Crown Power amp. Certainly they are great with the VAC gear and Musical Fidelity.

They are a little sweeter with Tubes but much easier to drive with solid state amps. I was thinking about giving car battery(s) a try for the DC voltage power supply. I might put an ammeter in series with it as well as a volt meter across the terminals to see what is really going on with the charging of the diaphragm. That will be a test for the near future.