Anyone own the King Sound "King" speaker that can

give me some feedback. How do you like them? How do they compare to SoundLAB's newest PX series?

Do they have enough body and texture - "meat on the bones".
I am most interested in this speaker and look forward to your comments.

I have 300 watt monoblock amps so power is not an issue. My room is 24 x 18 and they will be 6-7 feet out from the wall behind them.
I haven't tried them with that much variety as yet.
I have heard them sound fabulous with a inexpensive Crown Power amp. Certainly they are great with the VAC gear and Musical Fidelity.

They are a little sweeter with Tubes but much easier to drive with solid state amps. I was thinking about giving car battery(s) a try for the DC voltage power supply. I might put an ammeter in series with it as well as a volt meter across the terminals to see what is really going on with the charging of the diaphragm. That will be a test for the near future.
Neal, you sound like part mad scientist! ;)
Please let us know what transpires if you do the car battery PS. It would be interesting to compare a battery vs. VAC power supply.
Hi Doug,

Well I do make what I think are the worlds best sounding Music Servers, the Music Vault series, and I did design the worlds first columnar wave guide for a line source speaker that I built. Oh yeah in 1975 I converted the Jet Fighter coin operated video Game to work on the Big Screen Advent TV that was in my favorite Bar in Columbia Mo., They only used the Advent for Monday Night football so Tuesday through Saturday it became a profit center and lots of fun I think that was the first time a video game was played on big screen TV.:>)