Anyone own the new Cambridge Audio dvdp?

Hello, i am looking to buy a new dvdp and i wanted to know if anyone has the Cambridge dvdp that came out recently and how it perorms, Thanks
Just recently did auditions of several DVD players:
Onkyo S-555
Marantz 4300
Cambridge D300

Out of all these I liked the Onkyo the best ($200 @ Bose stores). Both the Marantz and the Cambridge had Glossy-looking over-saturated video. Onkyo was sharp and had more natural colors.

Onkyo also has 192/24 Burr-Brown DACs. Analog output is very smooth with good bass and nice detail. But, it has a bit of a spike in the treble which can get fatiguing (but is actually tolerable for movies as it helps you hear speech better -- which is maybe why it's there).

The marantz audio had nice depth and soundstage, but the overall sound quality was cold + metallic; for me it was impossible to listen to.

The Cambridge probably has the best overall audio, but the highs sounded a bit rolled off to me, and it was hard to hear speech.

I was hoping to get a DVD player I could use as a CD player also (which is what started my search). But I found that none of these met my needs.

Which is why I just ordered a Sony DVP-S9000ES. It's gotten rave reviews for video and audio quality. Haven't got it yet -- hoping it's a keeper. Been auditioning DVD, CD, and DAC gear for 3 months and I'm ready to get off the hamster wheel :-(

PS: If I like the Sony I may be selling my Onkyo; if anyone's interested send me email.