Anyone remember Studio Design speakers?

This goes back to the 70’s- I recall they were a house brand for Tech Hifi. 
Anyone have any concrete knowledge of these speakers? 
I recall a 4 speaker lineup/ Model 16, 26, 36 and 46
I guess you are not familiar with Tech Hifi which was a chain of stores based in the Northeast USA. 

I remember both Tech Hifi and Studio Design speakers. I recall the 26 and 36 models, possibly because I considered a purchase. The line was competitive, with good specs, walnut veneer, and great pricing. I ultimately chose Pioneer Project 100's. I lived in CT until 1980, and think I purchased my turntable then at the Stamford store. They had comprehensive catalogs at the time with wacky models/graphics! Sounds Alive was another audio retailer I haunted. Crazy Eddie in NY too. I can't remember any details for the Studio Design Brand. Keep doing searches, you are bound to get a hit eventually.
There really is very little on the web

I thought some models bore a passing resemblance to some Ohm speakers and considering the “connection” between ownership of Ohm and Tech Hifi, a resemblance is not surprising. 
I had the 46’s. 10 inch woofer, porter box and what was a very common tweeter- phenolic ring cone tweeter. 
Crossover was bare bones- a single capacitor as I recall. Efficiency was pretty good too 
I worked at Tech HiFi and i never seen those speakers their, we sold infinity, JBL, Ohm, Nakamichi, and other Brands in are New Haven Conn Store, but i did see them sold out of Vans. i think they had white woofer cones then clear one time i think they got busted on 20/20 show and another van speaker was Acoustic Response,
Actually, if you search out old ads - say 1977 or so, for tech hifi, you will see Studio Design advertised.