Anyone remember the Metron Suft-Fet-2 circa 1980s?

This was Gene Czerwinsky's foray into state of the art loudspeakers. These were designed to compete with other hi end models such as Infinity's Quantum Reference Standards and Quantum Line Source. It was a bi-ampable dipole tower featuring the worlds first 2 inch spiral ribbon-planer drivers. There were 2-6 foot arrays of 36 Spiral Uniform Force Transducers, operating in a line source dipole configuration, with adjustable diffraction wings like the Infinity QRS. This sat atop a 18 inch earthquake Stroker dual spider subwoofer that was floor firing and 6th order slot loaded, coupling the planers to the sub was an ingenious Air Bearing 8 inch midbass coupler which was very fast, this system would still be competitive with the best of todays stuff. Unfortunately it didn't sell well because of hi-end bias against Metrons parent company Cerwin-Vega. Does anyone else know of these glorious monsters.?
I have a set and the story I was told was that Gene was told he could never make a set of esoteric speakers and these were made to shut up the disbelievers.