Anyone rolled fuses in the Primaluna integrated?

Has anyone tried roling fuses in the Primaluna integrated? I had benefit from  replacing fuses in other gear, mostly solid state. What has been your experience with replacing the fuse in Primaluna? 
ACME was great 30 years ago. Why not now.. I haven't used the newbies but I know they are good, they always have been.. I still have older gear with ACME gold fuses in them.. The old 5.00 dollar wonder for some amps.. Speakers that use to use fuses, it was just a superior fuse..

I got two blacks and NOW a few ACMEs on order. Two more weeks I swap back to tubes, I'M READY.. C2500 is in the shop 4 month.

A Cary Preamp is looking pretty darn good about now.. C20 doesn't have a remote. I sure miss that.. A lot of crosstalk for such a wonderful sounding preamp.. I gotta figure that one out..

The three SR prototype Purple fuses I'm using in my ARC gear are all broken in now. Amazing. No joke, no hype.

To be specific, I'm interested in hearing about fuse esperiences with the PRIMALUNA, not other integrated amplifiers.