Anyone Running Pro Speakers in your "High-End" System?

I remember hearing for the first time the PMC MB2 at the CES show, was blown away by their dynamics and power.  I remember the guy from PMC telling me that it was a speaker that was migrating over from their pro line, and into high-end home systems.  

Anyone running something like a JBL Pro, Genelec, QSC or similar type, full-range monitor in their home system?


Yes. I have different systems set up in different rooms and do use studio as well as PA equipment in some. Meyer Sound, JBL, Mackie, Midas and others. They all have their good and bad!

Many will say that pro speakers in a hifi system color the sound, but perhaps those people have not heard the right speakers. I enjoy all of it and don’t discriminate as long is sounds good to ME! I wish everyone could experience a couple of or Clair Brothers or Meyer Sound LFC series subs in their home. It makes everything else seem like toys.


All pro line using High Efficiance Wofers with cloth surround  , The resonanse  frequancy pro line higher them home audio  woofers  with rubber surround and requered big boxes , They dont care about low end, the produces  punch bass . Some LS , like Tannoy JBL big speakers using same type of woofers located in big volume enclosure 

The JBL 4367 that I own uses pro drivers (D2 compression driver, 2116Nd-1). The D2 is straight out of the pro lien but the 2116 has a light modification in the surround. But turned for the home environment. I think that tuning helps as the dispersion is controlled for a single hifi focused seated listener.

Moro speaker for studios probably translate to home hifi fine. Live pro speakers maybe a little less as you give up a few things for power handling that is not needed in the home environment. Dispersion is always critical too.



Stay away from the dinky lil studio monitors and barrel bottom touring type of crap PA speakers with plastic cabinets. This is what audiophiles tend to sneer at/associate with bad PA sound.

After you hit the 5k and above price bracket on PA speakers (paired with high-end electronics) is....when the sonic slaying of home audiophile speakers commences.


JBL 4311wxa have been my main speakers for years. As old as they are, they still have that powerful, dynamic and accurate sound. If I wanted new ones, I would look towards other studio monitors like newer JBLs, ATC, PMC, or Dynaudio. Most have level adjustments for highs that are so helpful in tailoring the sound to your room. 

Of course,  most modern monitors are active but there are still some passives available for your high end amp.