Anyone See Downside to an Ionizer blowing on Turntable?

The problem I'm trying to solve is to rid any electrostatic charge build up in my records/LP's and the turntable.  I've looked at products designed to rid records of electrostatic charge.  In fact I own one.  However, I'm looking at getting a Simco Ion small fan and mounting it near my turntable and have it blow on the turntable when playing records.  Any harm in doing this?  


on my 3 tt's i use -2- CS Port IME1 units, and 1 DS Audio Ion 001. the DS Audio is a bit more effective, but much more difficult to position effectively. it's about how your shelf and plinth are positioned, which one works better.

both of these units are set and forget. meaning during a session i can turn them on and not think about it. the DS Audio unit warns you not to leave it on all the time as the product has a limited time life. my habit is to turn off the units when that tt is not playing.

a humidifier could wreak havoc with circuitry, so use one with discretion. nothing that should be constant. ventilate your room when possible if you do use a humidifier frequently.

I just bought one of these. I will let you know after I try it. Based on the video it works well reducing the static in coffee grinding. If it doesn't work on records you can always just use it with your coffee grinder.


Does that Ionizer work?

I have a small arm with brush on the end that tracks the record just before the stylus. It has a wire connected to it's base and I have grounded at the other end.

Long story short, it's useless for static. Might even make it worse.

@mr_m there's a response from another user of the Hunt brush somewhere on these forums that confirms it made the static worse! 

I use a Hunt EDA brush, and while it cleans off all the lint and debris,  I agree it does little for static.