Anyone See Downside to an Ionizer blowing on Turntable?

The problem I'm trying to solve is to rid any electrostatic charge build up in my records/LP's and the turntable.  I've looked at products designed to rid records of electrostatic charge.  In fact I own one.  However, I'm looking at getting a Simco Ion small fan and mounting it near my turntable and have it blow on the turntable when playing records.  Any harm in doing this?  


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I threw the Hudson anti stat brush across the room. That’s the second one. What a waste of time. Yes the carbon fibers in it are conductive and with a meter I checked continuity to ground through them.  It's a high resistance but there is a path.

I would love to see a video of them actually working with the toilet paper attraction test or meter test.. Mine added static. Vinyl attracts electrons. A grounded brush is like an infinite supply of them.

So back to just the Milty.

And the problem with the silicon roller is that it also adds static. So if you do it while the record is on the platter you then have to take it off again to blast with the Milty.

So it might be back to the carbon fiber anti stat brush after the album is de-statted and on the platter, or... I’m actually wondering about plain ’ol compressed air. Use the Milty with album in hand. Place on turntable....blow off fibers and the loose stuff with compressed air somehow. Maybe a small compressed air can that can be recharged easily. No need to touch the album after a cleaning. I don’t trust that brushes won’t move crud into the grooves from the flats, making things worse and no need to antistat after the Milty or similar.


I don't know how well the Acacia Beam deionizer will work on records yet. I just ordered it and expect it to arrive by the end of the month.

I will post an update after I try it.

I’ve had this in my cart for a few months now thinking it might work as well as if not better than some of the MUCH higher-priced options.

Thoughts? And don’t suggest “increase humidity, DERP!”

Increased humidity increases dust mites which increases dust mite “dander” which increases rice crispy vinyl sounds.


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wind across your tonearm will cause more miss tracking than the potential benefits

Any speaker drivers moving in a room, subwoofer drivers moving, the music playing, etc can become an impediment to the pristine spinning of vinyl. The ultra sophisticated vinyl plastic conneiseurs should just throw away all their speakers and listen on headphones....lest they disturb the stupid plastic crap, as it spins around.