Anyone seen the ad for free Mi-Horns?

I sent my information and about ten days later received by mail postage paid a small box containing two plastic horn shaped dodads. I followed the directions and turned on my system. To my amazement the sound that came from my speakers was at least 50% better than previously without the Mi-Horn. I am still to this day amazed at the difference. The company sends you these tweak devices, free hoping that you will order more. What you get for free is two horns to install on your speakers tweeters only. They redirect the sound so that it is directed towards your listening space instead of a broad spectrom that essentially bounces all over your environment before you actually hear it. The result is nothing short of amazing and there is no cost it is absolutely FREE. With no obligation. I have since ordered enough of these horns to install on my PSB 4T's and my PSB 9C. My surrounds will not benefit from this upgrade since they are the PSB DiPoles. Anyway for those of you who take the time to read this take the same five minutes and go to and see for yourself. After all it is 100% FREE. What do you have to lose? Thanks to the good people at Audiogon for providing this forum to share ideas and great finds with all the other audio tweakers out there.-Mark
I recall that Mi-Horn was taking it upon themselves to list some prominent audio retailers as Mi-Horn "dealers" to give the product some credibility to the dismay of those retailers. Seems like this is another stunt.

BTW- check out "Loanofficer"'s three posts (Click on "answers" below his name.) All three are on June 24th and all three are unabashed advertising of a certain brand of room acoustic treatment.

Perhaps "Loanofficer" can let us know who he is and what's going on? I'm not holding my breath...

I asked for free ones, got them and tried them. They improved focus, imaging and detail. On downside...? I'll leave the 'critique' for wise-asses, who wont try them even for free.
Tried them on 3 speaker ,changes the sound balance ,Not a good thing to do on a well designed speaker even sucked on my computer speakers .If horns are what you want buy the real thing these are just toys for the foolish but for free I tried them .Happy listening