Anyone spend more on their system than their car?

I just signed the papers for a used Pontiac Vibe, will cost me $12,600 + tax and (almost dead)trade-in. This is a few $K less than I spent on my main system, and one of the reasons I didn't spend more is to be able to afford a new preamp sometime this spring. I'm not quite sure what else I would have bought. I do lust after the Hemi Magnums, but was determined to buy something socially responsible - I dunno, maybe if I hadn't blown so much on audio, I'd have gotten a Prius. Is anyone else not driving the car of their dreams to afford audio? Or skimped on other things that most people wouldn't to afford their system?
About the same if you just add up the retail prices, but I got the system at a deeper discount to retail than I did the car. I'm much more likely to "downsize" the car than the system at this point, though.
my system cost way more than my car (is worth). i drive an escort, that is how i can afford this sport. i would like to move up to an 05 or 06 mustang here in about 4 years.
I thought the whole idea was to put a McClaren, 1-2-2, Bugatti, etc., race car in your living room.

No one will loan me their car. Oh, sure, they say they will, then they add, “you’ll have to pay for any damages”.

With only 3/0 doors, most cars won’t fit unless a chain saw or cutting torch or complete disassembly and reassembly was involved, so I put what a very nice car would cost. As a reminder, I added a rearview mirror, and squeeze horn so I can do the ‘Haarpo’ bit instead of talking while its playing.

John Mc said it ….
The car only takes you so far, the system can take you much farther. More often, for less money in fuel costs.

And they say quitting smoking is the hardest thing in the world. Just when you thought you were out…. You pulled yourself back in putting yet more frog skins into your audio arrangement!

@blindjim thank for resurrecting this old thread! Years ago there was an angry letter to Stereophile saying that folks who spend more on their stereo than their car are nuts. Since then I always introduce myself as a nut with a CD player more expensive than my car...  Beware of nuts!!! ;-)
Now I know where the original Q came from! :-)
Not a good conversation starter though, folks Do think that u r crazy! ;-(  that is the reason I keep gravitating to this forum, to remind myself that I am not alone in the Universe...