Anyone still using a TRL modded Sony?

I got a decent deal on a DVP NS900V that I was thinking about having modded by TRL.

The glowing reviews of the modded 595 and 900 are all a year or two old now, so I wondered if there are folks out there who are still happy with their players?


I've had my TRL modded Sony 900 for over a year. I kept it for 4 months before sending it back for the battery box upgrade. The battery box is a substantial improvement. I've never had digital playback that hasn't fatigued me after a half hour or so until now.
I have a TRL modded Marantz SA8001 however after it broke in it began to sound edgy bright,sibilant and glassy.In fact my Panasonic Blue Ray player sounds better in most areas.Paul Weitzel says he may need to fix something in the midrange however I cannot afford to send it back again as I am on a tight budget.Great guys to deal with though..I probably just got a lemon.I live in Canada abd get hit with PST and GST everytime I bring something across the border even though I put in to have the amount refunded because this usually goes under warranty-repair.
My TRL’d Marantz 8001 continues to amaze me. It’s beaten some mega-dollar contenders in my system, including those from Meitner and Esoteric. I just had an Oppo Blu-Ray player modified by Paul and Brian, and that’s going to replace the 8001 simply because I need to simplify my rig with a universal player—but that said, the Weitzel’s work on my 8001 was extraordinary. It sounds scarily close to analog tape; that’s how good it is. Add in the fact that Paul and Brian are two of the nicest and most sincere guys you could ever hope to meet in this hobby, and for me, it’s a no-brainer: they’ll continue to have my business for a long time.
They are really good guys and when I get some money together soon, I will try again to send my malfunctioning unit back for repairs.I tried recently but it got send back because I declared a $1000 value and now with any electonics $1000 or over I needed to appoint a POA plus post a bond to get it across the border .The airfreight shipping fees would come to over $100 and I just lost my $45 I paid FedEx to send it there initially.I now have a usuable piece of junk that has cost me over $2000 CND which hurts when one is on a fixed pension.I am thinking on sending it airfrieght this time at a value of $500(which is the used value anyway of a unmodded one) since this is supposed to bypass the customs hassles and the full retail tax they charged me last time upon returning it to Canada.I am open to suggestions on the shipping from any Canadians that may have experienced border hassles with sending equipment (either way) across the border.I am finished with this project as my cost overruns are going to be in the $600 range by the time I am through....if I am lucky enough to get it there and back.Just my luck to get the only bad one they ever modded.I can only hope to get it back there and then home again without these horrendous complications.


Can you comment on the Oppo Blu-Ray player modified by Paul and Brian? Does it meet your expectations? How does it compare to your past units?

I got my Oppo BDP83 modified by Modwright and I'm very happy with the results. Curious how they compare ...