Anyone Still Using Zerodust

Haven’t heard anything since the original scare, but I stopped using it. I think I never had a problem because I always swipe with LP#9 between sides, as per Brooks Berdan’s advice. One recent video said Wally discovered some type of oil on the ZD. I regularly cleaned mine with dishwashing liquid, which could have removed any residue. 


I stopped using ZeroDust a while ago. I use the brush that was included with my Hana cartridge and go gently to remove the dust from the stylus. I use MoFi LP#9 after playing a dozen or so records. 

Always used Magic Eraser. 

Got suckered into buying the Onzow, when it first appeared on the market. I guess mine didn't have enough "stickum" on it because there were times it didn't remove whatever gunk was on the stylus. 

Declared it audio junk and tossed it aside.

Went back to Magic Eraser. Makes a dirty stylus come out like new.

I wouldn't be surprised if it leaves some of its "magic" behind, but I don't hear it.

After a couple dips, a few wipes with the cartridge brush, and it's good to go.

A $5.00 box is more than you'll ever need. The rest of it cleans the kitchen, bathroom and whatever. 

Yes, I’ve been using the ONZOW ZeroDust for 15+ years and will continue.

It’s a great product when used as intended and very economical in the long run with periodic cleaning.

After reading the article I looked at my cantilever using a high powered magnifying glass , I saw what looked like dust on it but it wouldn't brush off .

It came off using a sponge tipped q-tip and 99% alcohol with a lot of careful rubbing.  I stopped using the ZeroDust and started using BlueTack .

There was a discussion about damaging one's cantilever , in my case coming close many times but it did get me thinking and I came to the same conclusion that @larryi came to .  I started to worry about the suction pulling down on the glued on stylist of my SoundSmith Carmen cartridge .  I have stopped using the BlueTack and now only use a Discwasher Carbon brush and the SoundSmith brush that came with the cartridge .     

It’s not a good cleaner, but not for the reasons speculated. It’s not dangerous. It’s just not very effective at keeping a stylus clean over time, certainly not effective at clearing away any hardened or bonded crud, and completely useless at cleaning the cantilever & other bits of a cartridge. I have 2 sitting in a drawer, plus a DS Audio gel that has seen VERY little use and probably won’t again.

Use Magic Eraser (lots of application techniques on that one - I use a more "bold" approach than most) and a dry brush. Clean your cantilevers and front yoke/pole too. Liquid cleaners are OK if you like them.