Anyone Streaming Tidal or Amazon Music HD on Marantz ND8006?

Does anyone have experience streaming Tidal or Amazon Music HD on a Marantz ND8006? Is it a stable experience? Is it clunky to use, or fairly easy? Appreciate your thoughts.

I am considering purchasing this, or a Bluesound Node 2i. The Marantz ND8006 could also replace my Schiit Modi 3 as a DAC, and also my Marantz CD6006. It appears viable to get 3 core uses from one piece of gear, but I don't want to do that if it works poorly as a streamer.
Can’t speak to the 8006 or Amazon, but I have a marantz AVR and streaming Tidal via Heos works well.
I am awaiting delivery on back ordered marantz pm7000n for third system, to replace a Bluesound Powernode 2.
BlueOS is a bit better than Heos, featurewise. But just in terms of reliability or robustness they are comparable. Imo. Ymmv.
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Quick follow up here to share that I did purchase a Marantz ND8006 unit and am very pleased. It is in our main system connected to a Marantz PM KI Ruby integrated amp. It serves as three units in one, stand alone DAC, CD player, and streamer. All three work well and sound great to me. Amazon Music HD streams wonderfully, and Airplay 2 also works great.  Very pleased, and feel it is quite a value.