Anyone that is familiar with or owns Lumley Megavox 150s? I have questions.

I've been listening to the Raymond Lumley Megavox 150 tube monoblocks for a couple of months now, and I like what I'm hearing, but it's very difficult to find information about them online, so I'd like to hear from anyone with knowledge of them. First up, mine have a pot on the rear panel, midway between the RCA input and the IEC socket, which I recall the seller referred to as a gain control. It seems to not have any effect when I adjust it while listening, maybe it was disconnected...? Second, If you've run these, what is your optimal setting advice re bias? For now I've set the bias just shy of 50mA on the meter on the front panel. From 50 to 65 on the meter there's a red band, and I don't know if that means "set bias within this range" or "up to here, but no further". I'm open to any comment, but hope to connect with someone who has these in their system.


might want to sign a few posts so you can send these members a pm and see if you can get some info

Learn to calculate your own bias numbers.  It isn't hard.  There is lots of bad advice on the internet when it comes to bias.  (good advice too but until you can calculate it yourself, you don't know which is which).  


Thanks, Riley804, I was aware of that post on USAudiomart but haven't yet PMd anyone - I have a Canuckaudiomart login, so I'll follow up on your suggestion.

Jerry, can you recommend an online resource that you feel gives correct instructions re setting bias?

I appreciate you both chiming in.