Anyone tried Auditorium 23 speaker cables ?

Anyone here have experience these speaker cables from Germany ?

I read these works well with tube amps, anyone here with experience on solid state amps with these cables ?

What speaker cables have you guys compared this with ?

Tks for inputs.

I use them in my tube system and they sound terrific. I don't have experience with them paired with solid-state amps so cannot comment. Perhaps others may be able to help us with this question.
Hi ghanson

Thanks for reply.
If you dont mind me asking, whats your amp & speakers ?

Nolitan, I use a Yamamoto 08-S amplifier and Omega loudspeakers, 96db per watt or so. They work well with this and don't sound stuffy, congested or heavy laden- traits I was trying to avoid.
Thanks for the reply Ghanson.
Anyone else have experience on this speaker cables ?
The Auditorium 23 speaker cables sounded very musical with my tube system (Leben CS-600). But, when I paired them with my solid state YBA Integre DT, the bass was flabby and the music simply lacked involvement. Although one would need to conduct more comprehensive comparisons between various tube and SS equipment, my limited experience above would seem to suggest that they might not sound as good with SS gear. Perhaps others with more experience might chime in here.