Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?

Putting a 2nd-hand EtherRegen before my Innuos Zenith Mk3 has probably been the single best upgrade I've made.  Like most others' experiences, the shift away from a digital sound has been palpable.

I'm feeding the ER directly from my Netgear Orbi mesh satellite through a Wireworld Starlight ethernet cable.  I was wondering, however, if anyone has experienced significant gains from feeding the ER with fiber into its SFP port? 

I did assume initially that as the ER is a regenerator the quality of the input shouldn't matter that much.  But as I saw another jump when upgrading the ER's input cable it's set me to wondering about optical.




​​​​​​​​I use FMC (ethernet-fiber-ethernet) from ER port B to the streamer and it improves sound.

I tried using the ER SFP input, but it degraded sound in comparison to ER ethernet input in port A.

Here is an issue that puzzled me. I upgraded all SFPs to the Finisar 1324, but the ER wouldn't work with it. The ER works well with the cheapo SFP I bought from Amazon. 

I think the ER prefers the ethernet input. I will next try the FMC (ethernet-fiber-ethernet) method between the ethernet source and the ER.



This is the digital chain that I am using with upgraded Finisar transmitters, sound is clear, detailed. Black backgrounds. All using no ether-regen. Upstream network is clean with quality modem. No Wi-Fi routers in my listening room. 

router => FMC RJ45  =>  Fiber  =>  ER SFP A-port   => RJ45 B-port  =>  Innuos Zenith RJ45

These upgraded transceivers are not guaranteed to work with all optical devices, may be ok to try with cheaper generic FMC, may not want to spend big on optical component only to find the Finisar doesn't work with your equipment. There is AfterDark thread over at audiophilestyle fourm that discusses this compatibility to some extent, John or Alex of Uptone contribute.

@sns I have looked at AfterDark, but for such an audition the overhead of import taxes and possible return are discouraging.  My ADOT kit should arrive in a day or two.

Well, I now have a fibre kit feeding my EtherRegen, and even in the few hours I've had it up and running I can clearly state that the level of detail, texture and musicality have gone up a notch, without impacting the overall warm tone which I have grown to cherish.

After previously adding such things as top-notch ethernet and USB cabling (SOTM and FTA), Innuos Phoenix USB and the EtherRegen, it still amazes me how much more quality I can squeeze out of the DAC's input stream.  Those out there who stick to the "1s and 0s" ideology are just wrong.

I consider the ER the best upgrade I've made to my system.  And despite the fact it's galvanic and a moat (etc etc) I'm still struck that the quality of its input matters greatly.  I'd already seen improvements after previously swapping the input Supra ethernet cable for a Wireworld platinum.  Swapping the Wireworld for a decent fiber bridge just added more.  Saying that however, the FMC is now fed by the same Wireworld. Go figure.

For completeness, I should add that I did try feeding ethernet into the ER's B-port and then feeding fiber from the ER's SFP to the FMC, and then to the streamer by the FMC's ethernet.  Basically:  router => ER => FMC => streamer.  But this didn't work.  The music was brittle and hard; the same reason I'd rejected a pure fiber ethernet stage months ago.

So, my ethernet feed is now:

Netgear Orbi satellite => Wireworld Starlight ethernet => ADOT FMC => Fiber => EtherRegen SFP A-port => EtherRegen B-port => SOtm DCBL-CAT7u => Innuos Zenith Mk3

Hopefully that is now me done.  I have a credit card bill to clear.  And I'll be avoiding reviews of the 2nd gen EtherRegen....

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.