Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?

Putting a 2nd-hand EtherRegen before my Innuos Zenith Mk3 has probably been the single best upgrade I've made.  Like most others' experiences, the shift away from a digital sound has been palpable.

I'm feeding the ER directly from my Netgear Orbi mesh satellite through a Wireworld Starlight ethernet cable.  I was wondering, however, if anyone has experienced significant gains from feeding the ER with fiber into its SFP port? 

I did assume initially that as the ER is a regenerator the quality of the input shouldn't matter that much.  But as I saw another jump when upgrading the ER's input cable it's set me to wondering about optical.




two further suggestions, if I may: use the Etherregen’s grounding post to run a separate ground wire to a good ground. And use a 10m clock on the Etherregen, even if it is only a cheap one. Both have major additional benefits

Thanks @antigrunge2 

First suggestion already done. Russ Andrews router connected to metre long copper rod stuck in ground

Second, thanks for the advice

I have a full fiber ISP and LAN.  So my ER is used to convert light to copper right before my PS Audio Bridge II.  Works great as a higher-end FMC.