Anyone tried military grade anti vibration feet ?

I came across this listing on ebay where the item is a vibration isolation feet used for military purpose to isolate electronics in military vehicles. Here is a link:

Has anyone tried something like this ? As with many other products like Vibraplane, industrial products which are scientifically designed do go well with many of our audio applications. Looking for some experience here.
These look to be “shock mounts” design to protect equipment that is being transported and moved about, therefore, subject to bangs, bumps and small drops. Audio deals with parasitic and micro vibrations, therefore a different application is required.
At first glance I thought they were motor mounts from my Norton 750 Commando.
If your equipment has cone feet and isn't too heavy, you might try some anti-vibration pads for telescopes. I haven't tried them myself but a friend of mine swears by them. They are inexpensive but they only come in a pack of 3. You can get them from
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