Anyone tried Quantum Resonant Technology?

I recently tried some major power supply upgrades recommended by my local dealer (Vineyard Sound.) I'd been swapping $1,000 interconnects and power cords when Michael suggested a Resonant Technology QX4 and QB8. I have to say up front that I am going to have to downgrade something in another area of my life to keep these components in my system.

The QX4 and QB8 greatly improved highs, spaciousness, attack and decay. Any sense of brightness or grunge disappeared, and I have a much cleaner, wider and deeper soundstage (added 6 feet easy) I've also noticed that I am listening to more music, everyday, for longer periods (the true test for me.)

I don't know the technology but in my system it creates more magic in between my speakers than any other conditioner, tube or cable upgrade I've done. It adds much more energy without removing anything relaxing about music.

My realization is that this technology is more of a foundation that provides the right power to make the recordings sound real. Good recordings sound better, great recordings are in the room, bad sounds okay, still kind of bad.

I'm very impressed and can easily say this combination added 15-20% vs the 5% upgrade with other power supplies changes from quality companies.

Anyone else feel this way or tries these? I've heard little about the Quantum gear other than Nordost is the distributor.

System is VAC Avatar SE
Ayre AX7eMP
Reynaud Emeraude speakers
Brahama power cables
Frey speaker cables
I have purchased a second QV2.

This one is placed in my Hydra on the open receptacle my phono stage/pre is plugged into.

What I liked about one goes double for two.

I never realized there was so much junk on the line,because I run dedicated lines and power conditioning.

I wasn't expecting the second unit to make any difference, but it has and it's not a difference you have to try to hear.

It's there,plain and simple, and the difference is all good.

In my system, this is a tweak that does improve my sound.

It cleans things up that I didn't think were all that dirty.

They seem to separate the music from the noise.

They've turned back the clock and I'm hearing things again on my LP's that I thought were gone due to age related hearing loss.

The mass of sounds on the Dafos cut- Passage- are easier to differentiate again.
Lacee, I have 5 of the QV2's located in various locations within my 3 dedicated lines.
Very nice, indeed.
Have you ever tried the QK1 ?