Anyone tried the Audio Magic Stealth ?

Do they have a website ?
in 2 years ,i tried powerwedge,burmester,audioprism foundation 3,accuphase 1200,ps 1200 and UO,hydra,and stealth.
stealth is the best for my system(for music and for the picture)
I had PS Audio Power Plants (600 and 300) in my system. I then tried the CFX, and was amazed at how much better it was than the Power Plants. The Power Plants sounded muffled and constricted. I then compared the CFX to the Stealth, and the Stealth was even better. More open and cleaner than the CFX. That's what is in my system now. I can't imagine anything being better for power conditioning.
On the Audio Magic web site there is mention of a new Stealth called the Matrix coming soon. Does anyone know what that is?
Rkuryl, I recently asked Jerry Ramsey (the designer) the same question - he said it will be their "top of the line" unit and will be out sometime in Nov-Dec 2002. I'm afraid I don't have any info on specs or pricing.