Anyone try KT150 in Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP

I love my HP. I've had it over a year and have rolled KT120 into it from the EL34. I like both sets. But the EL is more "liquid". The sound is awesome. With the KT120s I like the added power and punch. But it can be a bit fatiguing. It's the midrange glare that I notice most. So I wonder if anyone has rolled KT 150s into it. Does it keep most of the niceness of the EL 34s?  Do the 150s have less of that midrange glare?  

What at are your thoughts if you've tried this?  Maybe Kevin Deal has an opinion?  
Strike that last comment: "I’m off to look at subs." I meant to say, I’m off to look at other speaker alternatives.
I think you will find the KT150's midrange will sound much better than the KT120. As far as bass the KT120 didn't have bad bass at all but like you are experiencing it had an annoying harshness I could never tame.   

I have KT150's in PL Dialogue Premium HP mono-block amps driving my Magnepan 20.7's and they work and sound amazing.


would partially agree with samzx12, the KT150s have a nice midrange, but that all changes if you replace the stock coupling caps. Put in some copper foil caps and the KT-120s lose any harshness they have.

but with copper foil caps, my fav tube in the HP  is the PSVANE gray glass KT88s...Open and extended, but super musical midrange with no harshness.

I did end up with a set of KT150s.  And, I traded the Musical Surroundings and went with the Manley Chinook phono preamp.  

This is a truly magical combination.  The sound is full, rich, even FR, and it all really works well together.  I've never heard my system sound so good... and not sure I've heard any system sound better.  The KT150s are great, with the best of EL34, plus the power they lack.  I moved the EL34s and KT120s in and out to try options.  But, since I got the KT 150s, I've stuck with them and have no desire to roll any more.

For the KT150s to fit with the cage, my buddy made a set of aluminum "stands".  They have a pin on the bottom, a hole on the top, and are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch tall.  I put a rubber o-ring top and bottom to keep it from scratching, and it works perfectly!