Anyone try Triode wire labs or Empirical Design

I was thinking about trying the power cord from Triode wire labs, mbl Eight American or the Empirical Design mdl 416 on my Portal integrated amplifier. Any input would be appreciated,

I have never tried either of the other two you mentioned, but I am a big fan of Triode Wire Labs. I found them to be very natural sounding as they really brought a convincing sense of "reality" to my system. I use a pair of TWL 8 gauges on my mono blocs, a 10g on my preamp and a 12g on my transport...Add to that, a tremendous value at well under $300/5'. Highly recommended overall and especially good on solid state (though my mono amps are actually all tubed!).
Same here. Just picked up a TWL 8 gauge & I'm thrilled with it to say the least. Using it on an SMc-modded DNA-125 and it has added even more drive and separation of voices & instruments into their own spaces. And the value is gravy as is dealing with Pete!
I have five Triode power cables. I sold off my big name and much more costly cords and never looked back. I can't comment on the other cords.
As with any cable, it's all about the synergy with your components, but the TWL cables are certainly a no brainer with regards to cost and the very positive results/reviews that have been reported so far. I know I have replaced some other very good cords with these in some places and am very happy with the improvement.