Anyone upgrade to the Merason Dac1 mkii?

I was wondering if any Merason Dac1 owners have upgraded to the Mkii version? 

If so, I’d love to hear your impressions. How would you describe the audible differences? Would you recommend doing it? Was it an improvement or simply “different?” 


Fellow Audio Fanatics... I know some Merason DAC1 owners are out there! 

Would love your feedback on whether upgrade to the mkii version is worth it! 


I am considering this DAC as well, would be interesting to get some feedback.


Just saw your post and will post some of my thoughts tomorrow and think the upgrade is worth it.



The MKII background is much blacker and low level detail, spatial cues and space are more apparent as well as nuance and shading.

The soundstage is more defined and vibrant with a tighter/ more focused image but with more body to the sound and dimensionality. Bass is tighter and more refined, but I think in a nutshell that the MKII upgrade has better cohesion and sound more effortless...

I was quite happy with the MKI but the MKII is indeed better and more musical 🎶🎵 and replaced my tube SW1X Dac III+ DHT.


@wig Thank you! I think I'd also sent you a private message a few months back, which you'd also responded to. 

I think I'm going to plan to upgrade the Merason to the MKii version some time in 2024. 

@zlone - Not sure if you already have a Merason Dac1, but I can attest to it's sound quality. Not that I've heard a ton, but I would describe the Merason as just being highly musical. The word "relaxed" seems to get used a lot in the reviews. I would concur - it's a relaxed and musical sound.