Anyone upgrade to the Merason Dac1 mkii?

I was wondering if any Merason Dac1 owners have upgraded to the Mkii version? 

If so, I’d love to hear your impressions. How would you describe the audible differences? Would you recommend doing it? Was it an improvement or simply “different?” 


@bluethinker I do not have one right now, a friend of mine has the Mk1. What I am reading about says it might be a fit for me. I like the terms 'musical' and 'relaxed', much as they are overused, they do connote a certain type of sound. Thanks for the comment.

@zlone - I have my primary system in my living room. My evening pleasure is to relax and listen to music so those qualities are important to me. To me, music is a bit of an escape from the rigors and pace of our frenetic and over stimulated world...

As I thought about different upgrade options, I started exploring the world of Dacs. 

Through my research, I went back and reread reviews on the Merason Dac1, including the more recent reviews of the MKii. By revisiting those reviews, it struck me that "relaxed and musical" were adjectives typically used in reference to the Dac1... 

It sort of reminded me that the sound I love in my living room could be altered - and possibly not in a good way - by going in a different direction with another Dac. 

Anyways, if you want to listen to music - and have somewhat relaxed (versus in your face and/or edgy) presentation, I can't recommend the Merason enough. I sort of feel lucky to have arrived at such a fitting device without having to have gone through a rigorous search. 

BTW - What Dac are you using now? And what do you like/not like about it? 

@bluethinker thanks for the additional comments, your listening habits and preferences sound similar to mine. I am currently using a Schiit Gungnir Multibit which is certainly a decent unit, but I am looking for the next step up. 

We carry the Merason DAC's - the difference between the Mk1. and Mk.2 are pretty big - as soon as I put the Merason Mk.II in the system it was a big change. Dynamics and sound stage were noticeable/remarkable. Even my wife said, what did you change? 

@choiceaudio - thank you for that! 

Two questions for you: 

1. How would you compare the Merason Dac1 mkii to the Mola Mola Dac? What are their respective strengths head to head? 

2. Can we upgrade to the Merason Dac1 mkii through you if our Dac1 mkii was purchased somewhere else? 

Thanks in advance!