anyone use a Symposium platform under a turntable?

I'm considering a Symposium Ultra platform to put underneath my turntable and would love to hear of your experiences, impressions, etc. Many thanks!
When I had a SME 20/2, I had a ultra under it. Big improvement. Not subtle. I wish I'd kept it for my current table....
I use a Symposium Ultra Stealth under my Oracle MK V and would not do without it. More resolution, better bass, blacker background.
Depending on the turntable, I would think. Symposium makes a point that they work best when there can be good transfer of vibration from equipment down to the platform thus the aluminum pugs supplied with the platform.
I have VPI Classic which has rubber feet, in this case, Symposium really degraded the sound quite a bit (At the time I un fortunately did not try the aluminium pugs instead of the rubber feet). My friend has VPI HRx that also did not work well with Symposium. On the other hand, I heard Blue Note Piccolo which has metal feet with hard plastic cap that really benenfit from Symposium.
In case of VPI with stock rubber feet, I found Gingko works better.