Anyone use auto lifters? Opinions

I must be getting lazy in my old age. I keep wishing someone would raise my tonearm for me. Sometimes you are just involved in something and putting it down to lift the tonearm is a pain. There are several auto lifters on the market. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they work reliably and are they easy enough to trip that you do not have to worry about you tonearm and cartridge?
I did have a lift in the early 80s. It was the same type of mechanism as the Tru Lift. After several years of use the trip wire slot wore to the point that the thing would trip itself intermittently. I would suppose that problem has been designed out by now. 
My first Safety Raiser(AT6006) lasted 30+ years, before it began lifting too quickly(too speedily/not prematurely). That’s a lot of years, in which I enjoyed end-of-record-peace-of-mind, via it’s very gentle lifting habits. Not bad for the $19.95 that I paid, back in 1980. I quickly found a couple NOS/NIB Raisers, for which I(gladly) paid $120 each(2012’s price).  Once properly adjusted, I've found mine 100% reliable.    Now, Audio-Technica has re-released the piece(AT6006R), sans the lock-down wire of the old(no big loss), probably now made in China, with a higher price(of course).
@mijostyn the lift designed around an optical sensor is reality, and it came at a premium on the Technics SL-1700mk2 and SL-1600mk2 turntables. Those were essentially the thinking man’s / audiophile’s variant of the SL-1200mk2 that rap-“DJ”s are so enamoured with. 
Thrulift is an excellent lift it’s gentle and well thought out.  On lighter tonearms like the Triplanar U12 it’s excellent. The original AudioTechnica 6061 is a little more coarse in its operation - on a heavier tonearm like the Kuzma 4P 14 it works flawlessly.

good Listening 

I've been using a modified Expressimo The Lift.  Does the job, although it makes a little clunk as it contacts the tonearm.  I like that it has no springs, just a weight.  As with most others, correct placement is important.