Anyone use Rel Longbow wireless system?

I was thinking about buying a new Neutrik cable for my Rel T/5i sub but was wondering if getting the Longbow would make more sense.  By going wireless do I take the quality of the cable out of the equation?   My only concern is latency but it sounds like the Longbow addresses this?   Any user feedback would be appreciated.  
I have the longbow system in place on my new S3 sub.  It's excellent.  REL claims it's their highest fidelity connection.  Perhaps. But it does work well and I sense no latency.  

Not incidentally, I'm probably committing an audiophile faux pau by pairing my S3 with an old Brittania B3.  I needed two subs in my system to balance out the room and thought it silly to buy two new subs when the old one works so well.  So, I have the B3 hooked up via Neutrik and the S3 via longbow.  Works just fine though I'm sure those with audio nervosa are speculating in all kinds of ways why this isn't optimal.

PLease be aware that longbow only works with REL subs set up for it.  I'm not familiar enough with their line to know if the T/5i is one of those, but you can't retrofit one of their older subs.  The sub has to have wireless built in.


I use the Velodyne wireless system and it works great on my REL..... you would never know I wasn't using a conventional cable connection.
Great. Thank you for the feedback guys.  I will look into getting the Longbow.